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Dr. D.J. Lourens 

MBcHB, MSc Sport ,MMED Orthopaedics S.A, FC(ORTH)S.A ,FRACS Orth(AUS)


Meet Dr. Dixon

About Dr. D.J. Lourens



Dr. D.J. Lourens is a highly qualified orthopaedic surgeon with extensive expertise in shoulder and hand surgery. He received his education from the University of Pretoria in South Africa, where he earned a MBcHB degree, as well as an MSc in Sport and an MMED in Orthopaedics S.A., and became a FC(ORTH)S.A. He also completed two upper limb fellowships, specializing in shoulder and upper limb surgery (hand, wrist, elbow).


Dr. Lourens is a fellow of the Royal College of Australia, where he obtained his FRACS Orth(AUS) certification, as well as a Foot and Ankle Fellowship. He has been practicing as an upper limb surgeon in Australia for 10 years and has 14 years of experience in treating upper limb and shoulder injuries.


Apart from his specialization in shoulder and hand surgery, Dr. Lourens has a keen interest in sport-related upper and lower limb injuries and possesses a wide range of surgical skills. He has significant experience in trauma surgery, with a log book of almost 5000 cases in South-Africa up to 2012. Dr. Lourens currently performs surgical procedures in several hospitals in the Sunshine Coast, including Nambour Selangor Hospital, Noosa, Birtinya, and the Friendlies Hospital. New patients are always welcome to seek treatment from Dr. Lourens.

Specialist procedures

Special interest : Shoulder surgery


• Arthroplasty and Arthroscopic procedures

Wrist and Hand

•Arthroplasty, microsurgery,trauma, arthritis conditions and various wrist and hand procedures


• Arthroplasty and sport injuries


Arthroscopic ligaments and meniscus surgery

Foot and Ankle

• Sports foot and ankle injuries, ankle arthroscopy, arthritic conditions, Bunions, claw toes

University of Pretoria,



MSc Sport ,

MMED Orthopaedics S.A,


2x Upper limb Fellowships

Fellowship of the Royal College of Australia:


Foot and Ankle Fellowship

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Ph: 043 109 5232

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Fax: 07 31 868 705

Located at:

Sunshine Coast: Nambour Selangor Hospital, Birtinya , Tewantin, Noosa and Friendlies Hospital

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Opening Hours

Monday-Friday: 9am to 4pm

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Phone for appointments:

 043 109 5232

Provider numbers:

Nambour Selangor 234501PT

Birtinya: 234501QB


Email manager:

Fax: 07 31 868 705

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