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Dr. D.J. Lourens 

MBcHB, MSc Sport ,MMED Orthopaedics S.A, FC(ORTH)S.A ,FRACS Orth(AUS)


Meet Dr. Dixon

About Dr. D.J. Lourens


University of Pretoria,



MSc Sport ,

MMED Orthopaedics S.A,


2x Upper limb Fellowships

Fellowship of the Royal College of Australia:


Foot and Ankle Fellowship

Phone for appointments:(you can make an appointment initially without a GP referral, we will request it from your GP)

 043 109 5232

Email manager:

Fax: 07 31 868 705

Located at:

Sunshine coast: Nambour Selangor Hospital, Birtinya


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Opening Hours

Monday-Friday: 9am to 4pm

Available for Emergencies

Phone for appointments:

 043 109 5232

Provider numbers:

Nambour Selangor 234501PT

Bertinya: 234501QB

Email manager:

Fax: 07 31 868 705

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I am Dirk Lourens

I am a Shoulder and Hand surgeon.

I am a South African and Australian qualified orthopaedic surgeon.

I have been working in Australia as an upper limb surgeon for 10 years, of which 9 years were at Bundaberg State Hospital.

I have 14 years of upper limb (hand, wrist,  elbow) and shoulder experience.

I have done 2 upper limb fellowships in South Africa specializing in SHOULDER and UPPER limb surgery. (hand, wrist, elbow)

I also have a special interest in sport related upper and lower limb injuries.

I do have a wider range of surgical skills as well.

I have done most trauma (Log book of almost 5000 cases in South-Africa up to 2012)

I perform surgical procedures at both the Friendlies and Mater Hospitals in Bundaberg. I serve Bundaberg, Maryborough, Hervey Bay, Gladstone and surrounding areas. 

New patients are welcome !

Specialist procedures:

Special interest of surgery is Shoulder followed by hand and wrist surgery:


• Arthroplasty and Arthroscopic procedures

Wrist and Hand

•Arthroplasty, microsurgery,trauma, arthritis conditions and various wrist and hand procedures


• Arthroplasty and sport injuries


  • Arthroscopic ligaments and meniscus surgery

Foot and Ankle

• Sports foot and ankle injuries, ankle arthroscopy, arthritic conditions, Bunions, claw toes

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